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Colorado Retail Systems carries a full line of retail scales.

We have scales from several manufactures and scales for all weighing needs.
POS Scales for grocery, meat, deli, jewelry, dispensaries and any type of retail scale.  Label printing, counting, just about any type of scale.

 With or without Colorado or New Mexico certification.  Certification is required for any weighing or counting device that will be used for selling any product or service.  If you want to weigh a fish that may be a state record, a state certified scale must be used.

We offer calibration services for any type and any capacity scale.  We issue placing in service reports that are then submitted to the state weights and measure agencies who then come to your location and certify your weighing device as legal for trade.
If you have a scale that has been blue tagged as not within standards, or red tagged as condemned from use as a device legal for trade, we can calibrate and/or repair your device and issue a placing in service report that then makes it legal for trade until a state weights and measures tech returns to certify your device.

We sell a full line of labels for printing scales or devices.  We can get any type of label, even custom printed labels.


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